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Created on 2010-01-04 03:26:05 (#470089), last updated 2010-02-01 (402 weeks ago)

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Name:12 in 2010
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Community description:Writing challenge where participants set a goal and try to do it 12 times in 2010.
This is a community idea shamelessly stolen from [ profile] 12in2008, with a few tweaks.

The Game!
  1. Pick a goal.
  2. Write 12 stories that fulfill that goal.
  3. Cheer for yourself and others!

Set your goal in this post!
Ask questions in this post!

Want to set your goal by wordcount? No problem -- try to write 12 drabbles in 2010, or 12 stories that are 10,000 words or longer in 2010, or, if you are Nora Roberts or something, 12 full-length novels in 2010.

Write 12 fanworks. Or 12 original works. 12 crossovers. 12 stories that contain kink -- or 12 stories that contain a specific kink. 12 stories with female protagonists. 12 stories with characters of color. 12 stories based on works with creators of color. 12 stories with transgendered protagonists. 12 stories with happy endings. 12 stories that are cowritten, star a specific cast of characters, and cross over into specific fandoms. 12 stories that cross over Leverage with other geek-based fandoms and get Hardison laid by 12 different people.

When you have your goal in mind, comment on this post to check in with us. You can sign up at any point in 2010, and anything you have written in 2010 can, if you say so, count toward your goal, even if you wrote it before you signed up. That's up to you!

You can post your stories anywhere you want, at any time you want. Stories you write for other fests and challenges can certainly count toward your goal. (Unless those fests and challenges say they can't. We're not going to stop you on our end!)

If for any reason you need to back out -- feel like you've overcommitted? Want to call it a day before NaNoWriMo? Afraid that your finals will crush your will to live and you can't handle another commitment on top of it -- just comment on your original comment or delete your original comment, and we won't bug you about it. No harm done!

We'll be doing occasional check-in/cheerleading/hair-tearing posts (I would say "weekly", but you know, things happen >_>), and at the end of the year (or more likely, the beginning of 2011), we'll make a nice shiny post with all the people who have completed their goal. There may be icons! Or something! (We make no guarantees!)
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